N.O.S. 1969 - 1970 CHEVY, CAMARO Z28 FUEL PUMP STAMPED 42080

N.O.S. 1969-70 Camaro fuel pump, new GM, 302, 350.
Original new part, made by GM, on our shelf many years.
Delco replacement or substitute for Delco 40669
As referenced in 1991 Delco conversion book.
Has been fitted to an engine but not hooked up or run.
Fuel fittings weren't aligned to early Corvettes.
Stamped "273I42080", 273rd day of 1969.
I=Julian calendar year starting from 1960.
Stamping on mounting base underside is 3/32" (.090) Characters,
not 1/16" as aftermarket or replacement pumps.
Excellent condition

Guaranteed Authentic
30 day money back guarantee

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