1969 Corvette Left Door Panel Deluxe Original - Mint - Survivor

Amazing condition, removed from a car with very little use many years ago.

We've had it since mid '70s in our back room.

Color and texture absolutely like new throughout, no wear anywhere.

All fasteners on the back look unused.

No cracks or splits on back side where slide on clips mount.

Dated: Feb 1969, crystal clear until we cleaned it. Now some of 1969 shows

We touched up only the black area behind lock knob. Moulding stripe all original.

Deluxe Comfort Weave Insert Flawless and untouched by anyone.

The only flaw: 1/4 inch long chip in vinyl skin top rear, see 3rd pic. Touch up w/dye should fill it in.

Shipping cost is $40.00 in Continental U.S.

Buyer may call us at our store and use Visa,
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Rowley Corvette Supply
Rowley, MA


Moulding stripes untouched original

Screw mounting holes untorn

Screw mounting holes untorn

Deluxe Comfort Weave Flawless

Opening at door latch - no tears

Window felt shows no wear

Bear metal completely rust free

Door panel back side

Feb 1969 - what's left after we cleaned it

All staples original

Close-up of original textured surface

Staples & snap fasteners original & mint

Staples & snap fasteners original & mint

Staples & snap fasteners original & mint

Priced at $625.00
This part can be seen at our shop by appointment

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