1997Red Boa Surpasses All

This year's Red Boa held at theHoliday Inn at Windsor Lockes, CT, May 16 -18, surpassed Boa '96 as thesocial event of the year. Tom Cote orchestrated the weekend which nearlydoubled in size of attendees over last year's event, considered by manyas a tough act to follow. Highlights were many including the following:

  • A presentation by Dr. Timothy Volmer, who demonstratedan uncommon ability to synopsize the latest MS research and therapy technologyin terms made very clear to non-technicians.

  • A number of awards were presented to people inrecognition of their efforts in helping others.

  • A number of personal announcements were madeincluding a marriage proposal during the banquet.

  • Fun Stuff - There were parties and get togethersbefore and after the the Boa event.

  • Angel Awards - This year's Angel Awards grewfrom last year's as the theme of people helping people further expands.

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