Red Boa  Sailing
With Bobby and Bobby's Girl

Bobby and Bobby's Girl invite you to come sailing with us this summer. This weekend, June 15 & 16, was beautiful New England sailing weather with temps 75 - 80 and winds light at 6 - 10 knots. Saturday we sailed around Beverly and Marblehead Harbors briefly and then spent Saturday night moored in Salem Harbor. Sunday morning we lounged around the boat catching up on our reading and conversation. For a treat we had lunch at the floating restaurant, The Rockmore, in Salem Harbor. Enjoy the weekend with us in the following pictures. We intend to update this page again in three weeks.

Enjoying lunch at the Rockmore in Salem Harbor

Diners and water taxi at the Rockmore

Kids fishing from their Daddy's boat and a sailor sails by the Rockmore

A variety of patrons visit the Rockmore

Bobby's Girl's favorite lighthouse, located in Beverly, Mass.
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