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The World Wide Web has a vast wealth of information to offer and as such is a valuable resource. The following is just a hint of what we have found and retained in our bookmarks for future reference. As you travel through the WWW via the Internet you will encounter many special places you will want to return to. Be sure and save them as bookmarks.

Places: Visit possible vacation spots such as New England, The Grand Canyon, The Florida Keys, Hawaii, and LasVegas to name a few. Travel abroad to Paris, the pyramids in Egypt, Mount Everest, Antarctica, the Greek Islands, and more. You can even book passage and choose your seating from your desk top in the Travel section.

Shopping: Browse your favorite depart- ment stores such as JC Penny, Lands End, LL Bean, and others or check out virtual Malls.

Sports: See what's happening at the Olympics now. Auto Sports, Equestrian, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and many others are all here. Get up to the minute sports scores via the on line score board tickers. If sailing floats your boat , check out the Sailing Home Page which has many links to Americas Cup, Olympics, and other sailing events.

Art & Entertainment: How about a night out at a Japanese night club where the musicians play live jazz on line, (Real Audio required). Check out the many forms of Entertainment chat, TEI's Random Joke Server, or The Onion (political satire).
Coming in November, Webstock '96, a Real Audio Music Extravaganza on line.

Hobbies: Pursue your favorite hobby or learn about new ones here. You'll find two huge catalog links below to get you started.

Investments: Check stock prices on line or even start a portfolio at Quote Server. Check SEC filings on any public company.  Online trading at discount prices, try E*Trade.

Computer: Download software, Web page design, reference, and graphics software, Windows 95 Tips, Internet Searchers, Hardware and Software Expos, Multimedia, Internet Provider List, Computer Companies.

News and Weather: News Headlines, stories, updated continually by USA Today, AP Online, and others. Get current weather conditions and forcasts for many parts of the world.

Government: Write your congressman or better yet, write the President of the United States. The Social Security Administration now have their forms on line. Whether you want to voice an opinion or check on pending legislation, you can connect to your U. S. government here.

Culinary: View what the chefs of the world are brewing up. Order lobster from Nova Scotia, also visit Breweries, Wineries, Gourmet foods and recipes.

Education: Get your degree in your leisure time or shop for a College on line. Check out the special K-12 sections for kids.

Reference: Get what ever info you need on line. Search multi-lingual dictionaries, Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Famous Quotes and others. An excellent resource for both the student and the professional.

Cultures: See how other people live and their governments work. This section is like visiting embassies around the world.

Health Care: Whatever your interests are from the latest MS treatments to Diabetes and Aids research.

Publications: Magazines, Journals, Newspapers from the world's largest publishers may be read on line and subscribed to.

Virtual Road Maps: Check out the latest technology on the web, road maps of anywhere you want to go. Zoom in to an address. This is a really cool tool. A Netscape plug in download is available at the Argus site free for map viewing.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Over 2,300 children are reported missing every day. The technology industry has helped to improve the recovery rate by 20% to 89%. Micrografx's Chili for Children Cook-off has changed the way America searches for its missing children.

Alaska - Northwest, USA
Antarctica - Snow, South Pole
Cape Ann, - Gloucester, MA, New England
China - Info
City - Travel Info, Tourism, Travel
Egypt - Pyramids, Sphinx
Egypt - The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Greece - Greek Isles, Sailing
Hawaii - Maui Scuba Travel Whales
Hawaii Communitee - Info
Japan - Your traveling companion
LasVegas - Elvis, Virtual
LasVegas Shows, Gambling
LasVegas - Nevada, Tourism, Gambling
New York City - Big Apple, TheNewYorkWeb
New Zealand - Collected Info
Paris - Photos, Travel
Paris France - Louvre, Resturants, Travel
SanFransisco - Bay Area
Scandinavia Online

Places - Travel:
PC Travel - Book your Airline Tickets
Travel Web - Book Hotel Reservations
Map Quest - Online Interactive Road Atlas
Tap Online - Currency Converter
Web Flyer - Frequent-Flyer Miles Specialty
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Cybermall - Books, Gifts, Realestate, Edu.
Computer Mart - Hard & Software
JewelQuest - Jewelry, Crystal
Jewelrynet - Southwestern look
LL Bean - Shop on Line
Marketplace - AMI News, Financial, Ski
Online Shopping - Flowers, Gifts, Catalog
Rocky Mtn Outfitters - Outdoor Gear
Shopping - Clothing, Food, Software
The World Square - Info and Goods
Toy Store - Gifts, White Rabbit toys
The Web Mall - Bookstore, Gifts
Virtual Shopping - Mall
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American South - Country Music
Austria - Geography, Map
Bulgaria - Europe, Germany, National Pages
Christmas Traditions International
Croatia - German, Hrvatska, Maps
Denmark -Danish, Travel, Vikings
Europe - Tourism, Vacations
Greece - Greek, Travel, Geography
Germany - Geography, Government
Hungary - Maps, Web Sites
India - Culture, Map
Japan - Events, Information
Korea - People, Government
Kuwait - Middle East, Gulf
Latin America - Ut-Lanic
Lithuania - Web Servers
Poland - Polish Culture, Warsaw University
Portugal - Culture, National anthem
Puerto Rico - Travel, Culture
Russia - USSR
Sachsen - Saxony, Travel, Culture
Slovenija - Culture, Alps
South America - Cultures, Social Sciences
Switzerland - Culture, Maps
Tehran - Iran, Culture
Thailand - Asian Studies, Asia
Venezuela - Web Servers, Government
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Beer - Buffalo Bill's Brewing Co, newsletter
Catering - Special Foods, Gift, Taste, Wine
Champagne - Italy, Travel, Wine, Beer
Chile - Gifts, Hot Tomales, Sauces
Chile - Chile Peppers, Food, Spices
Chocolate - Chocolatiers, Hand-Made
Chocolate Lover's Playground - Godiva
Deli - Unusual Foods, Wine Specialists
Food - Recipes, Restaurant
Foodware- software for foodlovers, Recipes
Gourmet Foods of Slovenia - Wines
Gourmet Foods - Coffee
Gourmet Food Recipes - Gourmet Food
Hams - Smithfield Farms, Virginia
Homebrewing - Microbreweries, Beer
Malt Whisky - Distilleries, Scotland
Mexican - Roasted Chicken, Burritos
Oriental - Restaurants, Food
Recipe Folder - The Recipes Folder
Restaurant Guide - City, Restaurant, Database
Salsa - Exotic, Sauces
Sauce Hot - Recipes, Cooking, Entertain
Seafood - Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar
Seafood Lobster - Nova Scotia, Orders
Vegitarian Recipes - Diet, Foods
Wine - Auction online, News
Wine California - Sonoma, Pinot Noir
Wine Makers - Wine
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Software Downloads

Computer - Web Graphics:
Gif Tool Box - Various Gif Effects Tools
GIFmation - Animated Gif Creation
Shadows - Shadow Creation Method
MicroGrafx Gallery - Samples
Gif Animat Gallery - 1st Gallery of Gif Anmatn
Window Shades - Shadow Creation
Texture Land - Textures dnload
Patterns - Patterns dnload
Falken's Maze - Cyberspace Tools
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Computer - Web Page Design:
Bare Bones Guide - HTML Guide
Corel Web Designer - Web Creation dnload
Developers Den - News, Products, etc
Hot Metal - Web Creation dnload
HTML Tricks - By Michael Partington
HTML 3.0 - Mark up Language Specs
Netscape - Gold Rush Tool Chest
Netscape - Software Download Site
Netscape - Introduction To Frames
Netscape - Navigator Gold Author Guide
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Computer - Windows 95 Tips:
Windows 95 Tips - Tips & dnloads
Windows 95 Resource Center - Randy's

Computer - Web Multimedia:
Real Audio - Real Audio Guide
Real Video - Real Time Video, VDO
Internet Wave - Iwave
Voxware Inc - Voice sound compression
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Computer - Web - Expo:
Interact - Web Expo
Softbank - Web Expo

Computer - Internet Providers:
ISP - U.S. Internet Service Provider List
ISP - Global Internt Serv Provider List
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Computer - Web - Searchers:
Starting Point - Meta Search
Yahoo - Search
Lycos - Search
Infoseek - Search
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Computer - Companies:
Oracle  Internet Products
Corel - Internet Products
SoftQuad - Hot Metal
Core - Core Systems
Point Cast - News Screen Saver
Umax - Scanners
Intel - Web Products
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Edgar - SEC Archives
Hoovers - Company News
CNOC - Company Stories
Biotech - Health Care News
APL - Stock Quote Server
Stock Master - Quote Server
USA Today - 7 Quotes, Portfolio
E Trade - Online Trading, $14.95/trade
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The White House - U.S. White House
Amnesty Int - Civil Rights, Ploitical Prisoners
FBI - Crime, Justice
Indian Affairs - Energy, Mineral, Indian
FAA - Air Traffic, Aviation
House of Representatives - U.S. Congress
CIA - National Security
Fed World - Government, Federal
SSA - Social Security Administration
Nat'l Marine Fisheries - NOAA, Marine
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General Reference - On Line Reference
General Reference - On Line Education Reference
Whole Internet Catalog - Links, Directories, Web
Dictionaries - Multlingual
Thesaurus - Roget's
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Football - List
Baseball - List
Live Sports Audio - Live Sports Coverage (Real Audio)
1996 Olympics - Official Internet Coverage
Olympics - Atlanta - Info from the locals
Sailing Home Page - Sailing, America's Cup
NASCAR Online - NASCAR Auto Racing
Parent Soup Sports - Sports For Kids
iGolf -- The Players' Exchange - Golf
Live Sports Stats - Ticker Score Board
WebCrawler Select: Sports - Best sites on the Web
NFL Pool via the WWW - NFL Pool
The Racer Archive - Auot Racing
WWW Hockey Guide - Hockey
America's Cup '95 On-Line - Sailing
ESPNet SportsZone - ESPN Sports
GolfWeb - Golf
The Sports Server - All Sports
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On Line - Resources Handbook
Acadia's Continuing - Education
New School For - Distance Learning
Indiana U - Extended Studies
Selecting - A college
Financial - Aid
K-12 - Education
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Webcrawler Hobbies - List
WWW Catalog - of Hobbies
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News & Weather:
News Publications - Electronic News Stands
GNN NetNews - Online News
USA Today- K-12, On line News, Periodicals
Web Weather- By State, Forecast
World Weather - Climate, Weather Maps
Intellicast - World Weather
Nat'l Weather Service - Marine Observation, NWS
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Art Exhibits
each FM - Live Japanese Jazz
Bulletin Boards
Digital Images
Entertainment Chat
Events Calendars
he onion
Film Studios & Festivals
Music News & Events
Musical Genres
Science Fiction
Stars & Famous People
andom Joke Server
ebstock '96
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Advertising Age
American Demographics / Marketing Tools
Asia, Inc. Online
BusinessWeek Online
Career Magazine
The Economist
Electronic Newsstand
Forbes Magazine
Fortune Magazine
PC World
PC Magazine
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Health Care:
Children's Health
Children's Health
Dental Health
Diseases and Conditions
General Health
Mental Health
Professional Medicine
Sex and Health
Substance Abuse
U.S. and International Health Organizations
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Virtual Road Maps:
Virtual Road Maps - Argus road maps of the world
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National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - NCMEC Organization
Chili for Children Cook-off - By Micrografx
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