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Over the past few years we've all helped each other improve our cyberspace skills. We created this page for thosewho could use a little assistance without backdating BB pages and everyone else wanting to keep current with the emerging cyber technology. Copy /Paste saves typing.

How to: Copy /Paste
1. Light up the text to be copied by holding the left mouse button down and dragging the pointer through it, either vertically fromtop to buttom of a paragraph or horizontally accross a sentence.
2. Click Edit, usually located at the top left of the screen next to File.
3. Select Copy from the drop down menu.
4. Go to any other page, document, or program and position the cursoror pointer where you want the new text to appear, ie, the e-mail page thatappears when you click the "Submit" button.
5. Click Edit again.
6. Select Paste from the drop down menu.

A note about Chat text:
Copy / Paste works in Chat. You may want to click thePause button before doing copy / paste while chat is running tostop the screen from scrowling. When done pasting, click Resume.

Another note about Chat text:
You can save chat sessions by pressing Save to disk.You should save to disk about every 5 to 10 minutes to save the entire session.
Howto create wav files:
1. Click on the Accessories icon.
2. Click Multimedia icon.
3. Click Sound Recorder.

4. Press the red button on the Sound Recorder.
5. Speak into your microphone to test the recorder.
6. Press the Stop button.
7. Press the << to rewind the sound you just created.
8. Press the > to play .

Effects: The gain is controlledby clicking Effects then Volume.
That cute new LOL wav recently circulated among the group also uses the Echo attribute.

Note: Your machine must have a sound card installed to use this feature. If you ever hear anything other than a beep,such as "Welcome" or "You Have New Mail",you probably have a sound card. If this is the case look on the back of the machine for input jacks. Plug the microphone into either Microphoneor line in.

How we bult this web site
Clicking the underlined hypertext will take you to the named web site, use your BACK button to return
The primary tool used is Netscape's Navgold product. Navgold will produce a great looking page quickly and efficiently. From time to time we have had to use Windows Note Pad to edit some html code as the page became more complex. We also use Corel's Web Designer. While Web Designer doesn't support the latest html 2 and 3 functions, it serves well to check existing html code, generate forms, and perform spell checking. To download a 30 day sample of Corel Web click HERE. The page is initially generated with Navgold in the edit mode. When done, the page is saved to disk in the Netscape Program directory. The home page is named "index.html", so that the remote server knows where to begin. Subsequent pages are named relative to content, such as specials.html and are linked to the index or home page. Links are created by Navgold by clicking the link button when generating or editing a page. Images, animations, sound, and text attributes are added or altered in the same manner. To download Netscape's Navgold click the Netscape button here,
There are many excellent scanners available today. We use the Mustek MFS-6000CX. Its purchase price was under $400.00. When adding images to web pages two important consider- ations take priority, sizing and image type. The general sizing rules we adhere to are as follows:
Full page image width at 600 pixels
Half page image width at 280 pixels
Icon image at 70 X 70 pixels.
The two image formats accepted by most browsers are gif and jpg. The generally accepted rules regarding these image formats are jpg for large images and gif for small images, such as icons. For most applications we scan photos at 300 dpi, 16 million colors for jpg files and 256 colors for gif files. Our monitor is always set to 640 X 480 True Color, (16 million colors).
There are many graphics programs to pick from. We have used many different ones over the past ten years or so and have found the learning curve for using each to be lengthy at times. If your graphics skills are yet to be developed we recommend using the software that comes with the scanner and maybe one or two others to enhance the image afterwards, since the program accompanying the scanner usually is the LE or limited edition version. We use Micrografx Picture Publisher LE, which came with the Mustek scanner. We also use Paint Shop Pro, Lview Pro, Graphic Workshop, and Gif Construction Set. We use these programs for the following purposes: Micrografx Picture Publisher for acquiring, sizing, and basic alteration,
Paint Shop Pro for adding shadowed text and altering background,
Lview Pro for adding transparant background, and
Gif Construction Set for generating animated gif.
As pages evolve in complexity the author's need to be versed in html will present itself. This is a simple text editing language. There are a number of excellent books readily available. We got several at Sam's Club, as well as the scanner previously mentioned. "Using HTML" by Tom Savola and "Web Publishing Unleashed" by William R. Stanek are excellent choices. Both books include CD-ROMS packed with software.
There is much html resource material available on the web as well. Simply click the following hypertext links to visit their respective sites:
The Web Developers Virtual Library
Netscape's HTML Assistance Pages
The HTML Writer's Guild
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Plug-ins and Download Instructions
The following is a listing of a few essentialplug-in applications necessary to experience the impressive technologyadvances as they evolve on the WWW. Currently Netscape supportsabout 80 plug-ins, most of which are listed at Netscapeor otherNetscape recognized web sites.

RealAudioprovides live and on-demand real-time audio over 14.4Kbps or faster connectionsto the Internet. RealAudio Version 2.0 is available for download now, witha powerful plug-in for Netscape

VDOLive compresses videoimages without compromising quality on the receiving end. The speed ofyour connection determines the frame delivery rate: With a 28.8Kbps modem,VDOLive runs in real time at 10 to 15 frames per second.

This high-performance3D VRML platform lets you fly through VRML worlds on the Web andrun interactive, multiuser VRML applications written in Java. NetscapeLive3D features 3D text, background images, texture animation, morphing,viewpoints, collision detection, gravity, and RealAudio streaming sound.

The Shockwave plug-in letsusers interact with Director presentations right in a Netscape Navigatorwindow. Animation, clickable buttons, links to URLs, digital video movies,sound, and more can be integrated within the presentation to deliver arich multimedia experience.

FractalViewer enables the inline use of fractal images on the Web. Iterated'sFractal Image Format provides a means of representing digitized photographsand other bitmap images in a highly compressed and resolution-independentform. This plug-in offers Web authors many options for presenting true-colorimages. Users can zoom, stretch, flip, and rotate images, and set detailpreferences.

The TrueSpeech Playerplug-in version 3.20b enables embedded plug-in control functions in yourWeb page for style, ease, and simplicity. The plug-in is installed automaticallywith the Player, and works with Netscape 2.0 and later versions. Start,stop, and rewind buttons are small and unobtrusive.

Download Instructions
1.Before you download software, be sure to have a tempdirectory to down- load to. If none exists create a new one under DOS.Take caution not to create a new directory or folder under an existingdirectory, since it will become a sub directory and much more difficult to find later.

2.Download the new file to the temp directory.When downloading is complete close Netscape. The program you downloadfrom the FTP site is usually a self-extracting file (.exe). Once you downloadthis file, you need to install it. Double-click the .exe file to decompressthe files. Or, from the DOS prompt, type the file name and hit Return todecompress the files.

3.Once you have extracted the files, double-clickSetup to install the program.

4.The Setup program may ask you for the targetdirectory for the installation. Generally most plug-ins will find Netscapethemselves, otherwise indicate where the Netscape program is located (usuallyNetscape, Navgold, or Program Files). You're done. The new plug-in hasseamlessly integrated with Netscape and has become a new helper application.

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