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About Automated Email Notification

"You have four days to renew your ad":

The system automatically notifies a classified ad owner four days prior to the 30 day ad expiration. The email contains a link back to the classified ad item and the opportunity to renew his/her ad again.

"Classified Ad Stats":

Ad stats are also included in the expiration email notification. Stats include number of page views and number of inquiries for the period.

"Classified Ad Inquiry":

All classified ads are displayed with an email inquiry form just below. The system keeps running totals of the number of inquiries as well as the number of page views, which are displayed with the ad.

"Classified Ad Expiration":

The system automatically notifies the classified ad owner when his ad has expired. If the ad owner had not renewed his/her ad within 4 days of expiration notice the system will delete it. You may run your ad again, if so desired and for free.


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