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About Featured Classifieds

Pictures sell items:

You may upload either gif or jpeg images to our server from your computer for free, provided they conform to the size specs specified in the "Post New Item" section. Larger pictures may be used if they reside on another server. Link a large picture to your item posting by entering the URL (its web address like, for example in the "IMAGE URL" box.

Featured Classified Listing $4.95:

This purchased option sets your classified ad's title text and page link aside from the rest by appearing on the main classified gateway page as well as all category pages affording it the added visibility to all Classified Ads visitors.

Featured Classified Picture $9.95:

Want to promote your classified ad to the max, purchasing this option will display your classified ad's feature picture on our main classified gateway page as well as all category pages in plain view of all Classified Ads visitors. Feature pics are small promo pics uploaded to our server. Both or either Featured Classified Listing and Featured Classified Picture can only be purchased after an auction item has been created and expire when the classified ad has terminated. We only allow 8 Feature Pics to appear at a time. If 8 pics are showing don't buy another until 7 or less appear. The current number of appearing Feature Pics is displayed on every page of the Feature Pic purchase process to prevent an over sold situation.

Automated System Features:

The system does quite a bit of work (typing) for you. Once you have registered, any forms you subsequently fill out will appear preloaded with your personal info already filled in. One example is during the reposting of an classified ad that has not been sold. The form will appear preloaded with both the classified ad data as well as the owner's personal data.

A preloaded form will also appear when purchasing Featured Listing and/or Featured Picture options. There's no magic, the data is derived from the classified ad which is being referenced. Please note: Credit card info is never stored on our servers, you'll have to resubmit that info in every form you fill out.

Featured Pic and/or Featured Listing Purchase:
These classified ad options are purchased after an classified ad has been created. The system will ask for the classified ad number to be featured. The process begins at the bottom of the sell your item page.

Featured pics and/or Featured Listings may purchased an any time after the classified ad has been created. We went to great lengths to create a system that offers such a feature to the seller looking to boost traffic to an item that has not yet received the desired attention.

Feature Pic Sizing:
Featured pictures are displayed on the classified ad main or gateway page as well as all category pages and are all the same size. The system will preview your uploaded featured pic as it will be displayed several times during the upload and billing process. This is done to prevent a distorted picture to promote your auction. You're given ample opportunity to abort the process to prevent the demise.

Optimum image size is 120x80, image should nearly match the lines drawn around your image. Images much smaller than these guide lines will appear stretched or distorted. Larger images will survive nicely, provided they exceed guide lines equally. The system will only accept pics 10K or less in size for this option.

Original and Preview of uploaded Featured Pic

Feature Pic Scanning & Sizing Service:
Featured images must have size dimensions of 120 X 80. If you would like to take advantage of our image resize or scanning service click here.


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