1963 Corvette coupe left windshield molding inner - early production.
Excellent condition and original unrestored.

This appears to be an early production part because of hand forming work noticable
at bottom and top ends and absence of spacers behind vertical mounting holes.

The pictures show it compared to a later production of the same part for the right side.

Wrinkles at the top folded edge are consistent in size and spacing on the later production part
resulting from die stamping, while the wrinkles of the other part of the matching area appear inconsistent
in size and spacing. This would be a very important part in authenticating an early production 1963 Corvette coupe.

NOT reproduction parts,
NOT so called "GM Restoration Parts".

guarenteed authentic, On our shelf 25 years or more

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Rowley Corvette Supply
Rowley, MA

Outer Surface View

Lack Of Spacers Comparison View

Top End Shape Comparison View

Lower End At Dash View

Underside Complete View

Lower End At Dash Comparison View

Priced at $425.00
This part can be seen at our shop by appointment

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