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Restoration Work For Allen Drake '67 Coupe

Right Side Overal View 11/02

DESCRIPTION: This page shows progress of the restoration work being performed on Allen Drake's '67 Corvette Coupe. Illustrated are photos of the progression of the process, before, during and after. In addition to this photo page we generate detailed Work Sheets, Work Sheet 1, Work Sheet 2, which are updated daily when we work on the car. The Work Sheet itemizes labor times to perform each operation as well as parts and materials needed. It also shows payments made during the process.





Right Rear Wheel Opening 11/02

Rt Rr Fiberglassed on Top, Baked & Trimmed 11/02

Right Rear Bumper Bolt Hole 11/02

Right Rear Bumper Bolt Hole Repair 1/03

Rt Rr repairs needed 01/03

Apply Fiberglass to Rt Rr repair areas 01/03

Apply 2 Coats Epoxy Primer to Right Rear 02/03
Right Front Wheel Opening 11/02

Rt Rr Fiberglassed on Back Side 11/02

Rt Rr all fiberglass repair leveled 01/03

Rt Rr new lip fabricated, find chunk missing 01/03

Rt Rr repair chunk missing 01/03

Fiberglass back side of new repair areas 01/03

Redo Body Seams-Rear Panel, Rt Rear 1/4 Panel 02/03

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