Corvettes For Sale Submission Instructions

Here is an opportunity to expose your Corvette to enthusiasts all over the world. As the World Wide Web grows in popularity, the globe is shrinking proportionately. Suddenly photos of an item of interest is only a click away. In recent years we have shipped cars to many parts of the globe. The auto transportors are only a phone call away, and they handle everything from door to door shipping to handling customs. Corvettes cost a lot more money abroad, ie, new Corvettes sell for $100,000.00 in Korea. Freight cost is not astronomical. Our last car shipment to Switzerland cost $1700.00. We also air freighted a car to Italy for $4000.00, they were in a hurry.

This unique way of advertising your Corvette gives you your own web page devoted to your car.

Our program consists of the following:

Our web traffic is now well over 500,000,000 bytes per month with about 5000 unique and 9000 total visitors in as much time. Your car could sell to an enthusiast the next town over via Prodigy, AOL, or Compuserve or someone from Japan or Australia.

Check out Olansky's page to see what we can do with a good subject. The following are examples of typical Corvette photos used to promote their sale:

Photos, descriptive text and payment should be sent to:
Rowley Corvette Supply, Inc.
357 Main Street
Rowley MA 01969
Tel. 508-948-7730

Interior Photo

Engine Compartment Photo

Front Quarter Photo

Rear Quarter Photo

Feature Closeup Photo

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