Our Customers' Corvettes
We repair or restore Corvettes according to our customer's needs.
  • Some owners want a safe dependable driver. Such repairs are prioritized according to safety first.
  • Some owners want a casual show and shine competitor.
  • Some owners just want the right parts.
  • Some owners want some upgrades.
  • Some owners need a few repairs or servicing.
  • Some owners want their old Corvette absolutely like new, 100 point resto.

Dick Lansill's '62: Dick first noticed our company on the internet in 1999. Recently semi-retired, he had planned to spend much of his time restoring his old Corvette. He wanted it just like it was in 1962 when he first purchased it, only this time it would have '62 hub caps rather than the '63 caps it came with.
    Living only a few states away, Dick paid a visit to our shop. He told us what he was up to and was going to order all of his parts from us. His only requirement was that he get the best parts.
    Two years later he and his wife stopped by with these pictures. First he told us about a few challenging moments he had, some of which we had shared by phone at the time. Then he told us of all the fun he and his wife was having that summer driving and sometimes showing their Corvette.

Bryan Hauschild's '58: Bryan first noticed our company on the internet in 1998. His 1958 Corvette had been sitting in his garage for about 20 years. With his youngest child about to graduate colledge, he thought it time to dig out the old Corvette and get it going again. It needed a lot of work. He delivered it to us on a flat bed trailer in 1999.
    The car looked pretty shabby when it first arrived. The frame had some rot, brakes and clutch needed attention also. The car was going to spend some time at our shop. Bryan is a very busy guy, so it was agreed that we do a distance accounting thing using our web site. We would do some work, take a few pictures, scan our work sheets and post it on our web site for him to view when he had a chance. The frame repair article under our Tricks Of The Trade section resulted from our work on Bryan's car.
    The paint was about 20 years old. There were 3 or 4 large scabs, that is areas of about a foot square with paint flaked off, the rest was badly faded. We tryed wet sanding and buffing one small area with outstanding results. We then repaired and blended the scabbed areas. Overal the car really came alive.

Kris Kolodziejski's '71: Kris is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He first noticed our company on the internet in August, 1997. He contacted us concerning our supply to him of all necessary parts for the frame up restoration of his '71 Corvette. In the following months we shipped everything from brake lines, clips and calipers on the frame to leather seats and visors in the interior. Most items were send air mail, the larger items were shipped using Swiss Air Cargo. Shipments took five or six days. During the last few months we used the Schenker Co. in Boston to handle freight. This proved less costly for Kris and quicker for us. Some time around March, 1998 the project was done.
    Kris is the ceo of a film production company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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