Restoration '65

In 1965, at age seventeen, the owner of Rowley Corvette, Bob Jaremsek, bought a new wrecked Corvette serial number 194675S111551. Over the next 1 1/2 years he replaced the frame, firewall, interior, engine, transmission, front body clip, convertible top, exhaust, and wheels. Other than that it was all original. Thirty years later in 1995, Bob and his wife, Susan, located the car in South Dakota and was told by its owner that it had recently won first place at a local car show.

 Restoration '53

In early 1973 Bill Cuddigan contracted us to restore his 1953 Corvette serial number E53F001220, (car 220). This was our first total restoration of an old Corvette. Previously we repaired and customized them. The body was restored off the frame while the engine, transmission and all other components were rebuilt. At the time there was no Corvette parts aftermarket industry. We got interior coverings from All-Tru and some printed decals and literature, that's all there was. While we were performing the make-over to the '53, Bill was having his '54 Corvette restored at another shop. Both cars were to be completed for the big show at Providence Civic Center, Feb, 1974. The '53 won best in show and first in class. . .

 Restoration '53

In 2011 David D'Onofrio, FL, bought the car from the Cuddigan family. The car is still being shown, still winning, and still sporting our 43 year old paint job.
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