Restoration '56

      In 1977 we purchased a 1956 Corvette in Longview Texas needing restoration. This car's serial number was about 104, very possibly one of the first solid lifter high performance Corvettes built. We noticed the rear quarter panels were hand laid fiberglass, rather than matched die. During the next fourteen months our monthly restoration articles featuring this car appeared in Vette Vues Magazine. Vette Vues readers received detailed information regarding the complete frame-off restoration of this car.                                                                                                             

    Restoration '62

We restored this fawn beige 1962 for the owner of the Brothers Four Night Club on Cape Cod in
1978. It was one of many we did in this manner from the mid 1970's to late 1980's whose primary
function, upon completion, was to win car shows. As the level of show competition rose so did the need for proper new replacement parts. It was during this period that we began making stamped steel reproduction parts. We made about twenty different items including grill bars for 1953-1957, 1958-1960, 1961-1962, front license bumperettes for 1953-1955, 1956-1957, 1958-1962 front license cross bar for 1953-1957, rear verticle bumper for 1953-1955, rear exhaust bumpers for 1956-1957, side molding "V" for 1958-1961, tach drive units for 1955-1961, and more.              
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