John McCormick's Rowley GTC

DESCRIPTION: John McCormick's Rowley GTC was purchased from Mike Sturtevant. Mike Sturtevant's workmanship has been featured by Peterson's Kit Car Magazine. The people at Peterson Publishing felt Mike's first Rowley GTC worthy of both the Kit Car Magazine cover and the production of its feature article. Peterson rented the track at Willow Springs and used their top personel, Leonard Emanuelson (former Motor Trend Editor & career SCCA driver), and Randy Lorentzen (Top Peterson photographer noted for his annual swim suit calander work), for its feature article production.

Sturtevant built this car from the frame up for himself. Over $45,000.000 was spent in parts alone. Not a used nut or bolt was used. This was the third Rowley GTC built by Sturtevant.

John purchased the car for $75,000.00 in 1990. It has been driven 22000 miles. The motor was rebuilt and refitted with a carburetor by M&M in Hayward California at 17000 miles.

OPTIONS and Features:

  • Pwr Steering
  • Pwr Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • AM/FM Stereo w/6 pack CD System
  • Tuned Port Fuel Injection
  • 400 Horse Power 350 by M&M Engineering
  • Doug Nash 5 Speed Trans
  • Pwr Door Locks
  • On Guard Alarm System
  • Connolly Leather Interior
  • Rowley Corvette Rowley GTC Body & Interior
  • 1980 Corvette Host Car (never hit)

Chassis w/Tune port engine & 5 speed

All body panels painted separately
Originally Built with TPI

Flawless Interior

Red Lacquer Paint

Timeless Body Styling

Currently Fitted With Carburetor
Priced at $37,500 CAR IS SOLD

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