Validating An Original '81 Corvette Survivor showing 18,872 miles


Validating Original '81Corvette for Bruce Pingree 09/09

        This is to validate the 1981 Corvette belonging to Bruce Pingree showing 18,872 miles as genuine. The following shows that this car has seen little use in 29 years and has been well kept. These facts became obvious to us during our servicing process so we documented what we saw for the owner's benefit.
  • Decals and Paper Tags: The photos show that these are aged tags and decals. The presence of surviving original GM paper tags on suspension components says much about a car's lack of use. It can be assumed that this car was probably left in the garage during rainy days.

  • Inked Date Stampings: The presence of surviving original GM inked date stampings says much about a car's lack of use in the elements. It can be assumed that this car was probably left in the garage during inclimate days. The photo showing the ink date on the inner surface of the door skin also shows an original power window motor looking like new and the inside of a door showing no rust at the bottom. The inner door on these cars are steel.

  • Original Paint & Color: Much, if not most of the original Beige paint remains. There is slight evidence of body repaint, but not enough to be considered conclusive. The left door end photo shows the original GM id & vehicle weight specs. Screws and door latch in this area show no evidence of repaint. This area looks the same as a two year old car. The Beige exterior color is rare, only 5% of production that year.

  • This car has all original GM components: interior, engine, trans, etc., has never been hit and has all matching numbers and date codes, in fact it is completely original and As Delivered except for the belts, hoses, and spark plugs that had been replaced between one and two decades ago. Overal condition throughout is excellent, looks like a two or three year old car.

  • Front Fender Skirts: The fender skirts still have the factory under coat. Very little under coat was applied by the factory to this year Corvette. Corvette fender skirts on driven cars of this vintage are usually mostly white, (raw fiberglass that has been sanded appearance), on the under side as a result of the sand blasting action caused from the large tires and road dirt sprayed. The fender to skirt bonding seams are flawless on both sides. These aren't even cracked. If the front bumper had even touched another car while parking these seams usually crack. It's inherent of the smc fiberglass that GM used at that time.

  • Production Sequence: All date codes coincide with this early production 1981 Corvette. This car, number 6,247, was part of the last 30,000 Corvettes produced in St. Louis MO. A total of 40,606 were built in 1981 with the remainder and all subsequent Corvettes being built in Bowling Green KY.

        When considering all of the above together it is difficult to argue that this car could be anything but The Real McCoy.

Original factory crayon "364" marking at firewall below heater & air condition evaporator

Original factory paper tags on suspension parts excellent

Original paper tag at original vaccuum lines at alternator

Original paper tag at wiring harness at heater area

Original factory decal at air cleaner

Original factory decal at radiator coolant tank

Original factory brake and accelerator pedal pads

Left outer door skin factory ink date "Sept 19 1980"

Left fender skirt w/all original factory undercoat

Left fender skirt to fender bonding seam original & flawless

Drive shaft & rear axles w/factory paper part # tags

Radiator code tag w/ yellow paint, stamped FR for 1980, early 1981

Overall view - right front

Overall view - right side

Overall view - interior - all original
Original w/strip w/unique GM adhesive, door panel & vaper barrier, all mint

Front frame cross member flawless - no dents, rare

All original exhaust system

Front brake rotor w/factory rivets, & full 1.15" thickness

Original factory decal at radiator shrowd

Original factory decal at AC compressor

Original factory decal at AC evaporator at firewall

Factory ink date back of left door panel "Oct 6 1980"

Right fender skirt w/all original factory undercoat

Original spare tire w/nibs & ink lines

Speedometer showing 18,872 miles: #s perfectly aligned

Overall view - left front

Overall view - right rear

Overall view - interior rear - all original

Overall view - engine compartment - all original

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