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Welcome to Tricks Of The Trade. We have compiled Corvette how-to articles either from past articles that we have fashioned for various Corvette publications or have recently generated from the repairs performed in our shop. The instructional text and photos detail the step by step repair procedure and includes our tips learned from performing a given procedure many times.

1963 - 1982 Parking Brake Repair: One of the most difficult Corvette repairs is carefully disected in great step by step detail here. Narrative text is accompanied by 21 photos.

Seat Cover Installation: You don't need an upholstery shop to install Corvette seat covers. Learn how to do this repair pro- cedure aided by our step by step tutorial.

Frame Rot Repair: With age comes the decay of the steel foundation. Learn how the frame is properly supported while performing this important repair procedure.

Current Shop Repairs: Some cars in our shop are owned by people not local to us. For these people we do distance accounting via the internet so they can keep a watchfull eye on the progress of the restoration process. This includes detailed daily work sheets and many work in progress photos. You are invited to watch while we restore or built Corvettes belonging to: Allan Drake and Jeff Baumann.

Convertible Top Replacement: The 1965 convertible top replacement procedure outlined in this essay is mirrors that of 1968-1975 Corvettes and is so similar to that of 1985-present that the only supplements needed to this how-to article will be pre 1963.

Real Presentations: Featuring our convertible top replacement using large high quality presentation pics with stereo sound in a continuous streaming slide show format. 10 minutes.

Tuned Port Fuel Injection: Get great fuel economy, added horse power, and low emissions. Retro fit modern computer controlled GM TPI to any older Corvette using this step by step guide.

More To Come: We're looking through our archives of articles past. Some date back to the early seventies. We intend to add many to this page. That's why it's set up the way it is. As we find suitable old articles or fashion new ones as our restoration shop dictates we will post them here.

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