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1966 Corvette 427/390 Survivor Validation

Updated: April 28, 2014

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    In October, 2013 we were asked to perform some minor maintance work on Mr Giovanni's 1966 Corvette survivor. The car had been handed down from his father and had been in the family since the 1990s. The Giovanni father son team had owned, restored, and shown several other Corvettes in previous years. Mr. Giovanni also asked us to validate its authenticity as an all original survivor.
    Corvette number 107249 had been NCRS judged three times: Top Flight Jan 1987, Second Flight Sept 1997, and Second Flight Aug 2001. 107249 has never been Survivor Class judged. We feel this car would score high in this class.
    The car was first delivered to O’Rielly Chevrolet, Tucson, AZ in May 1966. From that time to 1997 it resided in Texas and Arizona with four different owners. Speedometer is showing 34,977 miles and still works.
    Body & Interior: The car runs and drives like new. All paint is factory original sunfire yellow and appears nearly new condition, maybe 95%. Black factory caulking under lower windshield moulding still present and visable proving this area is unaltered and as delivered. The body is flawless and shows no damage history. The body seam edges between cowl and firewall and seams between fenders and fender skirts were roughly finished from the factory. The excess bonding agent at these seams were finished sanded with #80 or #100 grit sanding disc, leaving slightly circular sand scratches, and lightly primed and painted. All bonding seams on this car are 100% factory finished. During the assembly of the cowl to the firewall on this car a drop of bonding agent was left on the left hood ledge just in front of the cowl vent grate. The dropping was left in place when the car was painted. Most body shops would not have left this if the car was repainted. In fact we have seen this flaw several times before on other cars and simply chipped it off just before painting. All exterior chrome is in excellent or nearly new condition. The paint between the letters of the rear "Corvette" emblem suggests that the body paint was polished and waxed leaving a very slightly aged paint present within the letters, nearly impossible to polish or compount without its removal. No rust or pitting anywhere. Interior is 100% original.
    We didn't want to take anything apart so we closely scrutinized and compared carpet binding and stitching. The paper JP Stevens sticker found on the jack cover shows 11/8/1965 manufacture date and looks as aged as everything else in the interior. Seat belts have original Irving fabric tags and are date coded 46-A-65. Kick pads and radio side panels have the original unique washer head phillips fastening screws and eyelits which have yet to be duplicated exactly. Door glass rear vertical run liners are original showing no wear but some uv discoloration. Door panels have steel upper reinforcements with felts stapled in place. These parts have recently been replicated perfectly but the ones on this car show slight aging consistant with everything else. Speedo and tach needles show slight uv aging discoloration. Convertible top deck lid underside still has the original small foam pads fastened by the same slightly yellowish factory adhesive as used on door and hood weatherstrips. Convertible top covering was replaced in recent years. Original factory molded pads and weatherstrip were maintained. The original rear window dated Nov 65 was kept. It is in excellent condition with very little yellowing, has no cracks or scratches and feels malable. The right front corner molded weatherstrip has the factory black tape. This is also still unique.
    Pedal pads generally tell the story of a cars use. The gas pedal in this car is factory original showing very little wear. Exact GM replacements have not been available for many decades. The reproduction gas pedals are excellent, but not quite perfect. The repro's vertical Groove lines are 1/32 inch wider and the styling at the top where the vertical grooves end is symetrical from side to side where the original is not.

Original gas pedal left & reproduction gas pedal right


  • L36 390 HO 427 ENGINE
  • P92 775X15X2 PLY WSW
Option data from existing factory invoice.

    Frame, Suspension & Engine Comp: The underside and engine compartment of this car are equally impressive as body and interior. Engine compartment is 100% factory original with the exception of two worm type radiator hose clamps added in recent years. Even the heater hoses are original. We found a factory ink stamp dated "NOV 22 1965" on the left underside of the hood. The right side of the firewall has the factory crayon body i.d. number "491" which also should appear on the doors coodinating conv no power window doors to the car's assembly during production.
    One thing we have'nt seen for about four decades is original factory frame stencil numbers in such great shape. This frame was assembled at the factory "7 29 65" or July 29, 1965. Below is a GM factory frame assembly photo from 9/20/1965. Notice the many other marks made on the frame in addition to the stencil numbers during production assembly. Many of those marks are still visable on Mr. Giovanni's 1966 Corvette survivor.
    The original alternator, 1100750, dated 5 K 7 (Nov 7, 65) is 61 amp for air condition Corvettes. Notice the original "WB" bolt fastened to the adjuster bracket. Engine block casting date code, "J 14 5", is October 14, 1965. Most telling of a car's use is the presence of the factory green paper part number tags on front coil springs and paper "DF" stickers on the radiator shrowd. They are in excellent condition. The original front suspension components include spindle knuckle with factory paint daub and ball joints still riveted in place. All shocks front and rear are original production Delco Pliacell date coded shock absorbers produced May 1965. Left outside Bowtie mirror glass is stamped "11 DMI 5" (Nov, '65). Air conditioning components by Harrison, GM, and Fridgidaire are all original. Compressor is R12 type dated 11015 or November 1, 1965. Front brake rotors have the factory original ring line headed rivets fastening rotor to wheel hub. Front rotors show no wear or rust.

    With all the facts noted above being consistent with the timing of how Chevrolet produced these cars along with the condition and mileage shown, we consider this car as an authentic original surviving Corvette as delivered.


Corvette frames being assembled at GM 9/20/1965

Factory Delco frnt shock 33423 & Delco rr shock dated "285-65" (285th day 1965)

All original harnesses, hoses & heater hose close-up "GY-65-4"

Original ac compressor & evaporator foil tag close-up

Mint original brake dust shield & RC-15 radiator cap close-up

Mint original front brake rotor w/factory ring line headed rivets showing no rust or wear
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Engine number stamp 107249 matches i.d. tag

Factory w/shield caulk & painted dripped hood ledge bonding agent

Factory original rear emblem and vented gas cap

Original gas door assembly chrome

Seat belts, carpet binding & stitching closely scrutinized

Jack cover w/instructions & paper J. P. Stevens dated id tag

Dated Irving seat belts & retractors w/ "PATENT PENDING"

Unique original interior screws & door glass rear run liners

Factory deck lid foam pads & unique conv top front corner w/strip

All Original Engine Compartment

Hood underside factory ink date stamp "NOV 22 1965"

Factory frame stencil in excellent condition, dated "7 29 65"

Factory paper body mount & shim retaining tape still present

Orig 5 K 7 (Nov 7, 65) 61 amp alternator & firewall marking "491"

Factory frame marks & park brake cable w/original yellow paint

Factor paper part # tag & original screen painted oil filter instructions

Factor paper radiator shrowd "DF" stickers left and right sides

Factory spindle knuckle w/paint daub & ball joint w/factory rivets

Engine block date "J 14 5" & Rt door factory paper insulation

Rt door ink stamp "RT 1 JAN" & factory crayon marking "491"

Rt door panel factory markings & factory markings close-up

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