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Identification Marks Locations

Block Casting Numbers for V8's are located on the left rear and to the left of the distributor.
Block Casting Date Codes for V8's are located on the right rear and to the right of the distributor.
Block Casting Numbers for 6 cylinder are located below and forward of fuel pump mounting.
Block Casting Date Codes for 6 cylinder are located at right rear side of block next to starter.
Engine Suffix Codes for V8's are located on the right front pad below front of the valve cover.
Engine Suffix Codes for 6 cylinder are located to the rear of the distributor
Vehicle Identification Tags: 1953-1960 (early) Located on left door hinge pillar post.
1960-1962 Located on steering column in engine compartment.
1963-1967 Located on horizontal member below glove box.
1968-1972 Located on left verticle windshield frame.
Some engine block casting number overlap and multiple use is possible.

Foot Notes

Engine block casting date codes begin with the letter "A" for January, "B" for February, and so on (the letter "I" representing the month of September was used) through "L" for December; followed by a digit, or digits, representing the date of the month ("1" through "31"); followed by a single digit designating the last digit of the calendar year. Small block (265, 283, 327, and 350 cubic-inch) engines were cast at the Chevrolet foundry in Saginaw, Michigan, and shipped to Flint for machining and assembly. Saginaw cast small block V-8 engines can normally be distinguished by use of a single digit calendar-year code; Tonawanda cast small block V8 engines normally use the last two digits (example: "62" for 1962), and these castings were not used in Corvette production except for the 1965 327 cubic-inch with 3858180 casting number.

Windshields, side door/vent glass, and coupe rear glass was LOF Safety Plate on 1953 through early 1971; Safety Flo-Lite beginning in mid 1971. No tinted glass was used on 1953 through 1962. Glass could be tinted or non-tinted on 1963 through 1969. Tinted glass became standard equipment in 1970.

Glass also carried the American Standard specification rating codes -- "AS1" for windshields, "AS2" for side door/vent and coupe rear glass. 1953-55 side vent and 1956-72 hardtop Plexiglas is coded "AS4", while folding top plastic back windows are coded "AS6".

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