Zora Duntov Original Document - Framed

The Marque of Zora Duntov at Chevrolet
by Elfi and Zora Duntov

copyright Elfi Arkus-Duntov 1984

Assembled and produced by Elfi and Zora Duntov, 1984, The Marque of Zora Duntov is an illustrated compilation of Zora's achievements at Chevrolet and his Corvette involvement. Thirty photos with captions in Zora's own words illustrate how his acievements and the Corvette evolved in concert during his 22 year tenure. The first picture shows Zora driving a 1954 or 1955 Corvette and is captioned "TEST in ARIZONA - birth of DUNTOV camshaft". The last, dated 1984, is a collage showing Cerv1 and Cerv2, midengined Corvette, U.S. Pantent showing mid or rear engine mounting and is captioned "MIDSHIP CORVETTE - I fought for it a long time, but I lost - pity, CONTRO VENTE NON SE PUO PISCIARE!!".
This framed document measures 26 inch X 22 inch. The metal frame is gold plated and is 3/4 inch thick. The document is protected under glass.
A certificate of authenticity is affixed to the back. It certifies that the original purchaser along with Elfi Duntov and Dan Gale witnessed Zora's signing the document in August, 1985. Dan Gale was former president of The National Corvette Museum Board of Directors in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Shipped in special, foam packed box.
Shipping Charges $35.00 Insured U.S.

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